First Baptist Church of Silver Spring


In addition to the traditional method of placing cash and checks in the offering plate on Sunday morning, we have two electronic methods for receiving your tax-deductible contributions to the church.

1) Online Bill Pay:  You may contribute electronically through your bank's online bill pay feature.  Options include the automatic withdrawal of a specific amount on the day of your choice each month, or you may enter the amount of your contribution whenever you choose to give.  The funds are withdrawn from your bank and sent to the church in the form of a paper check.  Your contribution will go to the General Fund unless you indicate on the memo line that all or a portion of your contribution should go to a specific fund.  Check with your bank to see if there are any fees associated with this type of transaction.

2) You can contribute electronically by clicking the GIVING button above.  After setting up your personal profile, you may choose either to contribute a specific amount on a regular basis or make a one-time contribution.  A drop down menu will provide options for designating funds.  Funds will be withdrawn from your account in accordance with your instructions.  In order to set up your profile, you will need to provide your bank's routing and account number.