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A diverse group of people coming together to help one another navigate life.


We are a church family that believes first and foremost in loving our neighbors. Here you will find a loving and accepting church that will help you tackle the tough challenges of life whether you are a longtime follower of Christ or even if you are not yet a believer

Sunday Service 05/24/2020

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First Baptist Church of Silver Spring

828 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910

(301) 754-1100


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Scary Times.


These are indeed extraordinary times.

If you need someone to talk to or you would like to send a prayer request you can do so either by text message or voicemail. All of the messages go to directly to our Pastor Gil Gulick. 

We also have two women ministers in our congregation if you would like to speak to one just let us know. 

If you are just sending in a prayer request please specify whether you would like the message shared with the congregation.

We encourage you to share this number with family and friends who may be hurting or just need someone to talk to.

The Number is 301-679-3358.

Remember.  We are here.  You are not alone.

The Church Downtown Vision

Coming Up this Week



Needless to say the Coronavirus has halted all activities where we can come together in person.  However service will be streamed on Sunday via this web page and on our Facebook page.  We are also continuing to operate our Food Closet on Saturday mornings.

All other events at the Church are cancelled until further notice.  

Contact us at info@thechurchdowntown or by phone if you have any additional questions.

The Church downtown

Our Story

In 1924 Silver Spring was a tiny little village made up mostly of apple orchards and dirt paths.  It was in this setting that 14 people met on October 22, 1924 to establish the Silver Spring Baptist Church.  Since that time the First Baptist Church of Silver Spring has had a presence in downtown helping people in the community to make their lives better through ministry and fellowship.  Our commitment to be a shining presence in today's urban environment is stronger than ever with a brand new building in that same location - the heart of Silver Spring. 

You can still join us every Sunday at 11am for the weekly Sunday Service.  And we hold Adult Bible Study and Bible Study for children through High School every Sunday at 10 am, and another adult Bible Study every Wednesday at 1:30 at the church.  Additionally, we offer a study at your own pace Bible Study called the Essential 100, which you can read more about below.

We are also affiliated with two other churches who offer Sunday Service at our downtown Silver Spring facility in French/Haitian Creole and Spanish.  For information on the French/Haitian Creole Church please visit: and for Spanish language service visit Iglesia Baptista Immanuel or call them at (301) 879-5155.

On March 31, 2019, Reverend Gil Gulick took the congregation out of the worship service and to the lobby of our Wayne Avenue entrance.  From here you can look out the glass exterior walls and see the downtown Silver Spring skyline.  With this view Reverend Gulick articulated "The Church Downtown" vision.  See his comments in the video below:


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In the age of Covid 19

Needless to say these are scary times.  No Sunday Church service to attend - no handshakes or hugs.  

But we are still here.  You can attend our online Sunday service right here on our website - or watch it at your convenience after the fact.  We'll post it right here at the top of the page.

And if you need someone to talk to.  If you need something that we can help with - we are still here for you.  Fill out the form to the left or email us at

We are here for you. 

First Baptist Church of Silver Spring

828 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910

(301) 754-1100