About Us

Church Service and Bible Study

Sunday Church Service

Join us for Sunday Church Service every week at 11am at our main building in downtown Silver Spring. Service is also offered in French/Haitian Creole and Spanish.  For information about the French/Haitian Creole service please visit:   https://eglisebaptistedelafoi.org

Adult Bible Study Sunday

Just before we hold the church service every Sunday we also have Adult Bible study 10am Sunday mornings at the main building.

Adult Bible Study Wednesday

Wednesday at 1:30pm is another opportunity to join us for Adult Bible Study in our main building in Downtown Silver Spring.

Google Hangouts Bible Study

Every Tuesday at 7pm join us online for Bible Study at  https://hangouts.google.com/call/XjfIjHMvmL8Bzp_XADWXAEEE 

Children's Sunday School

10am Sunday mornings we have children's classes divided by age groups and organized nursery through High School.

Blog Bible Study

Coming soon - the opportunity to study the Bible at your own pace online here at our website.  Stay tuned for more information.

Core values


Agape Love

Choosing to be aware of the feelings of others; accepting one another's differences; giving people a sense of growth


Appreciating the diversity of God's Kingdom


Ministering to and serving the community and world with the intention of helping people discover and experience transformation


Gaining insight on the right thing to do

The Team

Reverend Gil Gulick


Senior Pastor

 Gil Gulick is a second-generation native Floridian born in Tampa, FL. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and went to work for the ABC affiliate in Tallahassee, FL. He then went back to work for the family business writing and selling software and hardware. He met his wife, Gay, on America Online and they were married in 2000. After sensing a call into ministry, he studied at the Divinity School at Wake Forest University and graduated in 2008. He was awarded the Amos Award for Christian Leadership for his studies of the challenges facing adult Sunday school. Using his model, a young adult class increased from an average of 6 attendees to 50 on high attendance Sunday. Since graduating he has served churches in NC. In addition, he served on the steering committee for the regional meeting of the New Baptist Covenant. Gay has also served as a children’s minister. Gil is also a self-proclaimed computer geek and Apple fan, and uses technology extensively in his ministry. He is also a lifelong Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. Gil and Gay are also the proud parents of a Schnauzer and a Schnoodle.  

Dr. Gareth Murray


Associate Pastor

Senior Ministries

Dr. Eric Walters


Associate Pastor

Teaching Ministry

Derrick Hewlett


Director of Music

Our History

Serving Silver Spring since 1924

On October 22, 1924 a group of 14 people met in Silver Spring, then a tiny village on the outskirts of the nation's capital consisting mostly of apple orchards and dirt paths to establish the Silver Spring Baptist Church.  Services were originally held in the old Armory, which became the Silver Spring fire station.

In 1925 three lots were purchased at the corner of Wayne and Fenton for $4,393.62.  A parsonage was built, followed by an auditorium.  With the advent of the New Deal, Silver Spring became an urban community and the tradition of community service was firmly established.  The church facilities were used as a day nursery and the church voted to give ten percent of its income to missions.

In 1947 the church changed its name to First Baptist of Silver Spring. The years following World War II brought unprecedented growth to the area.  A temporary sanctuary was built followed later by a permanent sanctuary which was dedicated in 1957.  Ministers of Music and Education were added to the staff to help expand the service programs.

Becoming an urban church with a growing cultural diversity called for new programs.  The Child Development Center was added in 1968 and a class of religious instruction for mentally handicapped young people was formed.  A continued response to community needs over the following years brought an expansion of the Food Closet, the use of a church owned property for the Shepherd's Table (a place for the homeless and others in need of basic services) and the use of church facilities by Haitian and Spanish language congregations.

In the early 2000's it became clear that the original buildings of First Baptist Church were old and falling apart.  The church began a project to rebuild on the same property a brand new building to help continue the mission of First Baptist and to remain a strong and positive presence in downtown Silver Spring.  That effort was led by Dr. Duncan McIntosh, who as senior pastor led the campaign to make that dream a reality.

That vision was realized in 2018, when the new building was opened for business and our first service in the new facility was held.

In July of 2018 our new pastor, Reverend Gil Gulick, arrived to take on the task of moving First Baptist Church of Silver Spring into the future as an church in an urban environment.